Martin Food Equipment & Arantico Service Pro

Martin Food Equipment began using Arantico Service Pro to implement a new and improved system for managing their work cycle, from call logging and job scheduling to invoicing. Having reviewed a number of different solutions the decision was made to invest in the Arantico Service Pro solution to provide the office with a fully integrated and real-time interface between themselves and their engineers in the field.

About Martin Food Equipment

Service Pro is a user-friendly business software that enables the effective management of their mobile workforce. Martin Food Equipment’ engineers use windows phone 8 smartphones to progress a job from start to finish.

Benefits of the Arantico Solution

  • Has been customised to integrate seamlessly with Martin Food Equipment legacy based back office solution.
  • Schedules service calls for their engineers.
  • Manages pre planned maintenance visits.
  • Captures customer asset information, job notes, photographs, parts used and signatures.

  • The real-time interface with the office means trips to and from the office are reduced.
  • Paperwork is eliminated through automation of the job cycle.

Customer satisfaction has improved since the use of Service Pro.

Work is completed more efficiently and completed dockets from the field can be emailed to the customer automatically as soon as a job is complete and has been reviewed by the back office.

Martin Food Equipment has managed to reduce the time they spend directly managing the day-to-day operations and more time to focus on growing the business.

“An absolutely fantastic product, a must for any service company who wants to save money and increase cash flow. We now have more control on a nationwide basis. We can see the live status of any job at any time and, on a real-time basis, control and monitor our engineers. As a result, the business is running much more efficiently, saving on paperwork and unnecessary journeys to the office.”

Brendan Bellew, Martin Food Equipment