Arantico Service Pro

Improve your customer satisfaction with job scheduling and real time field service management software.

Arantico’s flagship software solution is Arantico Service Pro its job scheduling and field service application for mobile workforce management. In the office, the dispatching software manages the scheduling of planned works such as scheduled maintenance and also deals in real-time with callouts and one-off jobs.

Field-based workers receive the jobs on their smartphones or tablet and are guided through a workflow management sequence to capture all the information required while they are on-site. The app caters for the collection of timesheet information, completion of checklists, asset management, photo and signature capture and details of parts used or required in the completion of the work.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive job scheduling with an easy to use app for the engineers.
  • Real time visibility of call status.
  • Easily manage parts used and parts required.
  • Add Photographs and notes.
  • Capture customer signatures.
  • Quicker response times for customers.
  • Service history of customer assets by site.
  • Parts required flagged to the back office.
  • Manages pre-planned maintenance calls.
  • Detailed customer reports.
  • Integration with financial management systems (e.g. Sage 200).
Arantico - Job Scheduling and Real Time Field Service Management Software


Arantico Service Pro is ideal for companies with field-based engineers involved in the installation, maintenance and service in the following sectors:

  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mechanical & Electrical Contractors
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Catering Equipment
  • Fire Safety
  • Security Systems
  • Property Management
  • Waste Management providers
Burlington Engineering - Arantico Service Pro

“The Arantico system has transformed the way we manage our service operations. All service data is contained within the system and is readily available to back-office staff, service engineers and clients. The real-time view of jobs being carried out allows for efficient management of engineers which would otherwise be extremely difficult. The integrated nature of the system means we ensure clients receive quotations for additional works in a timely manner and we have full visibility of the status of all quotes. Best of all our clients have this information at their fingertips as well.”

Peter Lynskey, MD, Burlington Engineering
Martin Food Equipment - Arantico Service Pro

“An absolutely fantastic product, a must for any service company who wants to save money and increase cash flow. We now have more control on a nationwide basis. We can see the live status of any job at any time and, on a real-time basis, control and monitor our engineers. As a result, the business is running much more efficiently, saving on paperwork and unnecessary journeys to the office.”

Brendan Bellew, Martin Food Equipment
Leinster Property Services - Arantico Service Pro

“The Arantico solution has given us a better handle on our field staff and allows us to manage our jobs more efficiently. It has also given us an edge over our competitors and has helped us to win larger contracts”

Brendan O’Connell, MD, Leinster Property Services
Jersey Electricity - Arantico Service Pro

“For a number of years Arantico have been providing an electronic application for the metering department to change out the majority of our old meter population to Smart Meters with minimal manual administration. This has led to better use of our staff dealing with exceptions rather than having to manually input every meter change off old paper job tickets for our enterprise system… We continue to work with Arantico who are supporting our transfer to a more update application as we push on with the final 2500 meter changes which will complete the first phase of the islands Smart metering journey.”

Richard Marriott, Senior Metering Engineer, Jersey Electricity PLC
Chambers Engineering - Arantico Service Pro

“The Arantico system has greatly reduced the amount of time spent on job scheduling and re-entering data from completed dockets. Before we implemented Service Pro it could take days to get dockets back from our engineers. Now I have the finished docket at the click of a button within minutes of the job being completed”

Paul Shannon, Chambers Engineering
Kelly RAC - Arantico Service Pro

“The biggest benefit for us has been the reduced man hours in admin along with Service Pro’s integration into our Sage accounts package. Gone are the days of waiting for an engineer to arrive back to the office with completed dockets. We now have immediate access to the status of any job and at any time. The Service Pro solution has been tailored to meet with our needs and I would highly recommend it to any service related business.”

Terry Kelly, MD, Kelly RAC
Gemco - Arantico Service Pro

“With a workforce of more than 100 service engineers who carry out in excess of 100,000 equipment services annually the Arantico system has been the backbone of our service operations since 2008. The Arantico development team worked closely with our existing system providers to ensure seamless integration between the field service software and the existing back office systems, it was a pleasure to work with the Arantico staff through every stage of the deployment. The engineers not only fill out service information but also have access to equipment make and model data to facilitate sales and quotations to our clients. Using the Arantico handheld system has allowed us to develop and grow our business over the past 8 years.”

Neil Smith, Gemco
Brinks - Arantico Service Pro

“All of our back-end business systems are Windows-based and we thought that Windows Phone was the most secure operating system and far less expensive than the iPhone. Most people know how to use a smartphone so the Service Pro solution is easy to pick up. Everything our field engineers need is on the smartphone”

Alan Durnan, Director of Security Services, Brinks
Brinks - Arantico Service Pro

“One of the immediate and noticeable differences was the amount of time saved on unnecessary calls to the office by our engineers. Once implemented Arantico’s solution allowed us to manage our engineer’s day more efficiently”

John Lenihan, MD, Lenmac Services
Lenmac Services - Arantico Service Pro

“One of the immediate and noticeable differences was the amount of time saved on unnecessary calls to the office by our engineers. Once implemented Arantico’s solution allowed us to manage our engineer’s day more efficiently”

John Lenihan, MD, Lenmac Services
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