Lenmac Services & Arantico Service Pro

Lenmac Services wanted to find a software solution to help further improve an already good quality of service. They felt they needed to improve the systems and processes for their mobile workforce. After going to market they chose Arantico’s Service Pro Field Based Software Solution. This provided Lenmac Services with a flexible field-based and back-office solution incorporating strong asset management features.

About Lenmac Services

Lenmac Mechanical Services Ltd, trading as Lenmac Services, was founded in 1979 by John Lenihan, Managing Director. The main objective of the Company is to provide a complete and comprehensive service to all its clients. Through the development of strong customer relationships built on reliability, loyalty and trust, Lenmac Services has partnered with its clients and broadened its portfolio of services comprising facilities management, building, mechanical and electrical maintenance.

Benefits of using Arantico Service Pro:

  • Improved job scheduling.
  • Improved Engineer productivity.
  • Manages pre planned maintenance visits.
  • Full service history stored against customer assets.
  • The real-time interface with the office means trips to and from the office are reduced.
  • On the engineer’s smartphone, parts used, parts required, photographs, notes and customer signatures can be captured.
  • Improved customer reporting.
Lenmac Services - Arantico Service Pro

“One of the immediate and noticeable differences was the amount of time saved on unnecessary calls to the office by our engineers. Once implemented Arantico’s solution allowed us to manage our engineer’s day more efficiently”

John Lenihan, MD, Lenmac Services