Gemco & Arantico Service Pro

A client base covering the whole of the UK producing a large amount of service dockets and a growing customer base led Gemco to implement the Arantico Handheld System in 2008.

About Gemco

GEMCO is the UK market leader for supply, delivery, installation, training, calibration and maintenance of garage equipment. As part of the Stenhøj group of companies, GEMCO is committed to providing top quality garage equipment products and services to car and commercial vehicle workshops throughout the UK, and with a large export team throughout the rest of the world too.

Benefits of using Arantico Service Pro:

  • Major Reduction in Office Admin Costs.
  • Paperwork arrives back in the office instantly where before it was often at the end of the month.
  • Close integration with existing systems leads to major efficiency improvements.
  • Additional modules to support sales and quotations through the handheld.
  • All Job history available on-line both to clients and the back office.
  • Easier balancing of engineers workloads as all calls are sent to the engineer handhelds and progress is viewed in real-time.
  • A complete list of equipment makes and models is available to engineers to ensure they use the correct part for the job.
  • Engineers van stock is closely managed as every part used is recorded against the piece of equipment being worked on.
  • Timesheets, parts used, parts required, photos and signatures are all captured electronically.

“With a workforce of more than 100 service engineers who carry out in excess of 100,000 equipment services annually the Arantico system has been the backbone of our service operations since 2008. The Arantico development team worked closely with our existing system providers to ensure seamless integration between the field service software and the existing back office systems, it was a pleasure to work with the Arantico staff through every stage of the deployment. The engineers not only fill out service information but also have access to equipment make and model data to facilitate sales and quotations to our clients. Using the Arantico handheld system has allowed us to develop and grow our business over the past 8 years”

Neil Smith, Gemco