Brinks & Arantico Service Pro

In 2013, Brink’s Ireland began to look for a streamlined approach to enable them to retrieve data back from the field in real time in order to reduce data re-entry and eliminate the huge amounts of paperwork as typically required within the Irish Security Sector. After an extensive review of what was available in the marketplace Brinks selected Arantico as their chosen software provider.

About Brinks

Brinks is one of Irelands leading Security Services Providers serving some of the leading Blue Chip & Semi State organisations nationwide, such as Intel, Irish Rail, Dublin Zoo & ESB to name a few. In business since 1859, Brink’s is synonymous with trustworthiness and today its 70,000 employs serve customers in more than 100 countries.

Benefits of using Arantico Guard Tour & Service Pro:

Guard Tour:

  • Using NFC technology on the smartphone the Guard “clocks” in at various NFC tag points on the customer site. These are time and date stamped giving proof of presence for the customer.
  • A real time whiteboard gives the office a view of Guard Tours in the field as they are being carried out.
  • The office can send specific instructions to site, such as check gate is locked, First Aid Kit is replenished etc.
  • Incident reports with photos can be filled out in real-time on a smartphone and emailed immediately to the customer.
  • Field staff can conduct audits on the smartphone which are automatically emailed to the site manager, senior management and the customer.
  • Guard tour facilitates better customer site management providing a full site history across all services provided.

Service Pro:

  • Schedule Patrol routes and send these to the smartphone.
  • Schedule Lock/Open Up calls and send these to the smartphone.
  • Give the office a real time whiteboard view of Patrols and Lock/Open Up calls.
  • Send Alarm Response calls to the smartphone.
  • Create Alarm Response call from the smartphone.
  • Ensure all jobs are logged for billing purposes.
  • Email all Patrol and Response reports to customer eliminating paperwork.
  • Scheduling of Service calls for Technical engineers.
  • Scheduling of Pre Planned Maintenance calls for Technical engineers.
  • Engineers record all calls on the smartphone, record parts used, parts required, collect customer signatures and attach photos to the job.

“All of our back-end business system are Windows based and we thought that Windows Phone was the most secure operating system and far less expensive than the iPhone. Most people know how to use a smartphone so the Service Pro solution is easy to pick up. Everything our field engineers need is on the smartphone”

Alan Durnan, Director of Security Services, Brinks