Scan and view any asset details and history using barcodes

New asset scanning options in the Service Pro app help engineers to view asset details and history in real-time. Regardless if the asset is not linked to a current job assigned to the engineer, engineers can now scan an asset barcode to view the asset details and the service and maintenance history of that asset. If an engineers is at a site and sees an issue with another asset that is not related to the current job, they can still scan the barcode and view the asset details and history and even create a job request to fix the asset.

Scanning Asset Barcode

In the main menu, the user can tap on the magnifying glass icon which launches the scanner camera. When the scanner has successfully read the barcode (or QR code) the part asset details are displayed.

  1. Tap the “Scan” icon
  2. Scanner is launched
  3. Scanner reads the barcode and asset details are displayed

You can View Asset History by clicking on the link at bottom of screen

Viewing the Asset History

When a user has scanned an asset and sees the asset details, they can then view the asset history.

    1. Click “View Asset History” link
    2. The Asset History screen opens with asset details and list of previous service reports completed for this asset
    3. Click on document icon
    4. Then select “Maintenance Asset Report”
    5. The PDF report opens and you can view report, checklist and comments from call selected.

Searching an Asset

When a user is on a job, then can also search for an asset in the asset list using the asset barcode.

  1. In the Assets screen, tap on the search icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. The user is given the option to search by text or to click on the barcode button
  3. Click on the barcode button
  4. Barcode scanner is launched and barcode can be scanned.
  5. Asset details are shown

Option to view the asset history is again also available.