Scan barcode on parts to add details to a job

The new Scan option in the Service Pro app help engineers find and add part details to jobs quickly and also provides for more accurate invoicing by the admin team.

Scan Barcode

The user can tap on the Scan button which launches the scanner camera. When the scanner has successfully read the barcode (or QR code) the part details are automatically added to the parts screen.

  1. Tap the “Scan” button
  2. Scanner is launched
  3. If the scanner successfully reads the barcode, then part details are automatically filled in.
  4. Tap the screen at bottom of the screen to save your part.
Scanner Camera
  1. Tap the search icon
  2. Tap Description to select the search by options (i.e. Description, Item ID or Barcode)

The following example is searching by description

Search by Description

This example is searching by description

  1. Enter search text into the description (e.g. cable)
  2. A list of parts containing the search text starts to appear as you type
  3. Tap the item you want to add

This works the same way for searching by Item ID or by Barcode.

Searching by Description

This is used if you know the full exact Barcode or Item ID.

  1. Enter the exact barcode (or Item Id)
  2. Tap the “Find” button
  3. If the barcode (or Item Id) is correct all the part details will be filled into the relevant boxes.
  4. Tap the tick at bottom of screen to save your part

The same steps above are used for finding a part by Barcode.

(Note: when you enter value into the Barcode box, the “Scan” button changes to a “Find” button.)

Enter barcode or item ID